Patient Rights Charter

Patient rights are an integral part of human rights:

  • the right to be respected as a human person
  • the right to self-determination
  • the right to feel safe and the right to respect for privacy
  • the right to respect for professed moral and cultural values
  • the right to respect your religious and philosophical beliefs.

The patient has the right to be informed about:

  • state of your health
  • the proposed treatment procedures, about the risks
  • involved in the proposed treatment procedure
  • the anticipated benefits of the treatment; and the consequences of treatment discontinuation
    diagnosis, prognosis and treatment progress
  • treatment and care personnel
  • regulations and customs that define his stay in a medical facility.

The patient has the right not to be informed as long as he expressly wishes to do so and has the right to indicate a person who will be informed on his behalf. Every health information is legally protected.

The patient has the right to:

  • intimacy and respect for dignity while providing health services
  • access to medical records relating to his person
  • expressing consciously, voluntarily and freely statements (consent) to the proposed medical activities

Consent for medical activities may be granted by a legal representative. When the consent of a legal representative is required, and it is not possible to obtain such consent at the moment, it is in an emergency immediate medical intervention should be undertaken without his consent.

In the event of a breach of his rights, the patient has the option of submitting a complaint to:

  • Head of the medical entity
  • Patient Ombudsman
  • The Ombudsman for Professional Liability of Doctors at the Regional Medical Chamber
  • Professional Liability Officer in the District Chamber of  Nurses and Midwives
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ombudsman

In the event of a culpable violation of his rights, the patient has the right to file a civil action with the district court competent for the seat of the medical entity.

The obligation of the Patient staying on the premises of the medical facility is:

  • comply with the Patient’s Charter of Rights and Responsibilities
  • comply with applicable regulations
  • follow medical and nursing recommendations
  • show respect for those responsible for treatment and care
    do not harm other patients
  • do not destroy the equipment of the medical facility
  • contribute to the creation of partnership relations with the environment

A detailed list of patients’ rights is included in the Act of November 6, 2008. on the rights of the patient and the Patient’s Rights Ombudsman (Journal of Laws of 2009, No. 52, item 417)